What you must know about the mouse
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What you must know about the mouse

The mouse is an inseparable peripheral product in our life. There are many peripheral products on the market. It is not easy to choose a mouse that suits you. Today we will talk about two or three things about the mouse.

mouse surface material

The surface of the mouse is the part that the user can directly see with the naked eye and touch directly with the hand. According to the different materials and processes, the surface materials of the mouse can be divided into four types: mirror surface, skin-like surface, spray paint and frosted surface.


The mirror material is divided into mirror spray paint and plastic polished mirror according to the different production processes. The effect achieved by the two production processes is basically the same. The advantages of the mirror material are that it has strong abrasion resistance, beautiful appearance, and easy maintenance. The stains can be removed by wiping with a damp paper towel or a rag. In contrast, the mouse has a general feel, and it is not very friendly to players with sweaty hands. After sweating, the hands will feel slippery and difficult to control.


The mouse made of skin-like material is sprayed with a layer of fine rubber paint on the shell after the mouse is formed, and its feel is similar to that of human skin, so it is called a skin-like material. The advantage of this material is that it feels delicate and comfortable, and even people with sweaty hands can easily control it. In contrast, after a long time of use, the coating on the surface of the mouse will peel off, and the feel will also change.

spray paint

The mouse made of spray paint is also sprayed on the molded mouse, but it is not a rubber paint, but a paint with a metallic color. This surface material can have more color changes while ensuring a comfortable feel. Similarly, the shortcomings of spray paint materials and skin-like materials are also very consistent. After long-term use, there will be paint wear, poor hand feel, etc., and the appearance will also drop a lot.


The frosted shell is frosted and bitten on the plastic shell of the mouse to achieve a frosted effect. The mouse can also have some anti-slip effects while ensuring a certain feel, which is suitable for people with sweaty hands. Due to the limitation of the plastic material, the feel of this kind of mouse will be relatively poor, and the long-term use will also reduce the frosting effect and cause oiling, resulting in a poor feel. However, compared with the coating peeling of the above two materials, the frosted mouse can be avoided, so most new mouse products currently prefer to use the frosted material.

How a Wired Mouse Works

A wired mouse is a mouse product that is wired to the computer. When the mouse moves, the optical sensor continuously collects each point on the desktop, and then sends the collected point to the main control chip for memory and compares the position of the next point. The signal compared by the main control chip is converted into the corresponding signal for transmission to the large computer So as to achieve the action of moving the cursor up and down.

How a wireless mouse works

Compared with the wired mouse, the wireless mouse cancels the connection line of the wired mouse, and most of the mice use a USB adapter to connect with the computer, which removes the interference of the wire and is not burdensome to use. The wireless mouse receiver has two or more bands. When we use multiple wireless devices, the wireless mouse receiver can identify and manage the device through multiple bands.

When the mouse moves on the desktop, the optical sensor continuously collects each point on the desktop, and sends each point collected to the main control chip for memory and compares the position difference of the next point. The central control chip will compare the displacement. The signal is converted into the corresponding wireless carrier and sent out, the receiver receives the signal through the antenna, and then modulates the corresponding information to the USB main control chip, the main control chip then converts it into a USB signal, and finally transmits it to the computer, so as to realize the cursor up and down shift effect


Only by understanding the basic knowledge of the mouse can you better choose the mouse that suits you. As far as the current market is concerned, the mouse is in a trend of wireless and lightweight, and the frosted shell can balance the cost and service life, which must also be the popular trend of mouse materials. . Many mouse manufacturers produce mice that can adapt to complex game scenarios. Except for some mice powered by dry batteries, most mice can be connected to a computer with a charger and used as a wired mouse. Moreover, the portability and wireless manipulation of the wireless mouse is very convenient and fast, which has great advantages. Finally, I hope that everyone can choose the mouse that suits them and be invincible in the game.

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